Startups & Starting Somewhere

When I helped launch Crowdfund Insider with a small team of co-founders in 2012, I couldn’t have imagined what I’d learn along the way.

That isn’t meant to sound self-deprecating, either. The journey of launching and trying to grow a company never plays out the way you think it will, and I don’t think you’re ever as prepared as you think you are no matter what the outcome. It’s truly a leap of faith.


The beauty of taking a leap of faith is you’ll find that necessity is the best catalyst for learning and self-improvement. If you want to become something better than what you are today, stick your name on it. Stake your reputation on it. You’ll figure it out or you’ll fold. Both are admirable in their own way. (Those that fold can always try again!)

Having said that, I am going to begin collecting some of what I think I have learned here with the caveat that I am always learning. Hopefully it can prove helpful to someone struggling with their own entrepreneurial journey, or perhaps it can help guide someone that is on the fence about giving it a shot.

Frankly, I think it’ll help me at this point as well. Why? That’ll be the subject of the next post…


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